5 Reasons Why Commercial Painting Requires A Different Skill Set

5 Reasons Why Commercial Painting Requires A Different Skill Set

5 Reasons Why Commercial Painting Requires A Different Skill Set

A lot of people might be under the impression that residential painters and commercial painters perform similar tasks, but there is usually a significant difference between them. Most residential painters provide personal services required around the home while throwing in the occasional small business or shop job. Commercial painters are required when the job at hand becomes too big for one man to take on. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the reasons why commercial painters need different skills compared to residential painters.

1. Different materials & surfaces

Commercial painters deal more with businesses while residential painters focus on living spaces such as homes. Commercial painters are thus more equipped to deal with a wider spectrum of materials such as metal, concrete, and stucco as well as materials used in homes. Residential painters, on the other hand, work best with siding and wood among other materials used in home-building.

2. Much larger in size

Businesses are much larger than homes most of the time meaning commercial jobs require more manpower and complex planning as opposed to residential jobs. A commercial painter is competent in completing larger jobs and they are better equipped in terms of equipment and materials. They might also have a staff to aid in the organization and planning of your project and coordination with contractors to complete the job within the assigned deadline.

3. Scheduling and working hours

A commercial painter may be ready to accommodate your schedule and be fully equipped to work on weekends and at night. This is beneficial for businesses who wish to be open as the painter does their job. A residential painter though mostly works during daylight hours on weekdays.

4. Durability of supplies

Buildings that get lots of traffic or businesses might need protective coatings and paint that is much more durable to handle wear and tear as opposed to residential living spaces. As such, a commercial painter knows about the best supplies to fulfill this purpose and they are ready to provide them to the client.

5. Additional services provided

A commercial painter typically provides different services in comparison to residential painters. Their scope of services is much wider including surface preparation, power washing, sandblasting or epoxy coating or flooring. Based on the facility they are working on, a commercial painting company has the skill sets required to meet your requirements without the need for you to hire more contractors. Commercial painting requires the ability to deal with large-scale logistics and it requires the ability to work in harmony with assisting contractors on the site to ensure the project is completed well and with minimal halts.

Generally, commercial painters are best if you want increased efficiency for large projects as they are trained to handle everything within their limits. Residential painters are trained to handle small projects like painting houses.

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