Faux Finish Painting Services in Temecula Ranchos, CA

Faux finish painting is an interior decorating trend that is quickly catching on. This is a painting technique in which common paint is utilized to mimic the appearance of other materials like wood, marble and maybe even fabric. When this technique is done correctly, the outcome is very realistic. The results are impressive, and far less expensive than the actual materials such as marble.

Speak with our Faux Finish Experts at All American Painting in Temecula Ranchos, CA and they can describe some faux finish painting techniques that are very popular. There are various faux finish painting techniques that can be used to generate a desired result.

Custom Faux Finish in Temecula Ranchos, CA

Marblizing Faux Finish in Temecula Ranchos, CA

To create the impression of sandstone, sandpaper is sued to smoothed the surface, along with the artist creates smudges and lines on the newly painted surface that closely resemble a sandstone finish. Ideal for walls, table tops, along with furniture, marbleizing gives everything an expensive and noble appearance.

Tarnished Wall Finish in Temecula Ranchos, CA

This technique creates the impression of uneven aged walls that seem rough but are smooth. Perfect for creating a pastoral appearance, this finish is ideal for emphasis walls, walls and ceilings.

Professional Faux Finish Painterin Temecula Ranchos, CA

Stripe Finish in Temecula Ranchos, CA

In this technique, soft stripes of color are drawn in the wall to create the impact of the material. Perfect for creating a romantic ambiance, such a finish is ideal for walls, doors, and items.

Sandstone Finish in Temecula Ranchos, CA

This program mimics the texture of sandstone while the finish is ideal to be used on walls, around fireplaces, and even on furniture. The paint is dappled so as to create a sturdy and strong appearance.

Venetian Plaster Faux Finish in Temecula Ranchos, CA

Perfect to be used on walls or ceilings, this faux finish printing is great for complementing European architectural designs and decor. It brings an exotic and comfortable appearance to your own room.

Interior Faux Finish Painting in Temecula Ranchos, CA

Rag Painting Faux Finish in Temecula Ranchos, CA

To produce a textured pattern, twisted and bunched up rags are used to paint the walls. This finish is great for modern layouts or artsy. Well satisfied for walls and ceilings, rag painting brings an edgy look to your own decor.

You may be as creative as you enjoy with your faux finishes, and because you can see, the programs are merely limited by your imagination. Yet, many of these techniques demand a trained hand, and attempting to create these complex finishes could afford unwanted results. An expert painter is your best bet for getting the effect you want. Faux finishing is a wonderful strategy to modernize your home's appearance; you'll love the added class and sophistication that it will bring to your own walls.

Interior Faux Finish Painter in Temecula Ranchos, CA

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